Project type: Gamejam from Global Gamejam

Made: January 2017

Role: Game Design, Programmer

Time spent on this project: 48 hours

Tools used: Unity 5.


Game developed in 48h at the Global Game Jam event, by an 8 people team. The theme was “Waves”.

Khaldi it’s a game about flow, as the game goes on, your actions will change the world around you.

In the game, you play as Khaldi, a citizen of Clack, an ancient city ruled by a monstruous and alive factory called The Foundry. Every tick of the clock is measured and every citizen lives under it’s chain.

But one day, Khaldi awakes free from this chains, and with her new free will, she’ll destroy The Foundry, and give her kind a new hope. Now she can change the flow in her surroundings, giving her a chance to fight back.

With your new power, you can influence on the traps and platforms to follow your own flow, but beware, the flow will change the deeper you go into the factory

Awarded with Best Art and Best Music categories at the Global Gamejam site

These are the things i’ve designed and made:

  • Game and level design
  • Implementation of the visual aesthetics and character animations
  • QA testing

You can find more about this game in the official Global Game Jam page:


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