Golden Arcana

Project type: Mobile Game
Made: August 2016 – August 2017
Role: Production, Programmer, Game designer.
Tools used: Unity 5, Visual Studio, google docs.

Google Play:


Golden Arcana it’s an RPG set in a fantasy and sci-fi world where you collect different heroes and fight with cards in real-time battles. Tag along Tyl, Cygnus, Murzam, and Meissa in a great adventure to save the world.

Throughout the development of the game I had to work on several roles for the team, these tasks were:


  • Documentation all the project, from game mechanics to player progression and combat systems, and keep this information up to date so the whole team is aware of any changes.
  • Design the skills of the enemies and characters and prototyping the deck and drag and drop mechanics.
  • Design of the monetization and progression systems:
    • How to unlock new characters.
    • A difficult curve of the levels and design of the combat encounters.
    • Design of the game economy with items and gold.
    • Design and iteration of the tutorial.
  • UX and all the UI.


  • Programmed the whole game.
  • Implementation of other systems like saving, Google play services integration, Gameanalytics integration, Spine for Unity, Music and sounds, dialog system, combats systems, a card combat system… and much more.


  • Applying SCRUM to game development and dividing the work in weekly sprints.
  • Help the team track everyday tasks and establishing priorities depending on the current goal.
  • Set long-term goals for the team.

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