Project type: Gamejam from Ludum Dare event
Made: August 2016
Role: Game Design, Programmer.
Time spent on this project: 72 hours
Tools used: Unity 5, Visual Studio, Text editor.

Play: https://mizardry.itch.io/hapalochlaena

Game developed in 72h at the Global Game Jam event, by a 5 people team. The theme was “Ancient Technology”.

Hapalochlaena it’s an exploration-based game, you’re an archaeologist from the future that reaches an unknown planet, it’s your duty to discover what happened there. You’ll be able to explore multiple locations in the planet, and with the help of an old radio, you can uncover the secrets that lay within it by listening messages broadcasted from some old radio towers.

My tasks in the game included:


  • Designed the radio mechanic and the exploration game.


  • Programmed the whole game.
  • Implemented and designed the UI.


You can find more about it in the Ludum dare’s page http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-36/?action=preview&uid=62182

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