Goat in Danger

Project type: Gamejam from Global Gamejam

Made: January 2016

Role: Game Design, Programmer

Time spent on this project: 72 hours

Tools used: Unity 5.

Play: https://mizardry.itch.io/goat-in-danger

Game developed in 72h at the Global Game Jam event, by a 3 people team. The theme was “Rituals”.

Goat in danger it’s an arcade-action game based in games like metal slug or crazy taxy; A mob it’s ready to sacrifice a couple of Goats, and you play, as the Devil Billy Goat, summoned from the deepest of hells, and armed with your loyal bazooka, it’s time to kill the mob and save your pals;

To play you can change directions with left and right arrow, Jump with up arrow, shoot with the spacebar, and sprint and Ram with the shift Key.

Every goat you release gives you more time to kill more people, to score more points, you only score more points by killing people!!

There’s even a leaderboard at the end so you can challenge your friends to see who’s the most diabolical goat of all times.

These are the things i’ve designed and made:

  • Programmed the whole game.
  • Design and testing of the platform and action mechanics.
  • Design of the spawn goat mechanics and rewards.

You can find more about this game in the official Global Game Jam page: http://globalgamejam.org/2016/games/goat-danger


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