Bartender Tales

Project type: Mobile Game

Made: January – July 2015

Role: Project Lead, Programming, Game design.

Tools used: Unity 5

Bartender Tales it’s an strategy game, where you manage your own fantastical medieval inspired tavern. You’ll have to attend the customers making different dishes and drinks, and you can hire heroes to send on missions and help the world to break free from a mysterious darkness.

When you send these heroes to a mission, they’ll bring you back some materials that will help you to make a bigger tavern and build new areas to atract more powerful heroes and richer customers.

The game was canceled because it was a project too big for the skills that the team had at that time, and it didn’t meet our expectations at a game design and art level.



I’ve worked on the next areas:

  • Design and implementation of the game economy:
    • The player could win some gold with the tavern customers, this income is the main indicator of the player progression.
  • Design and implementation of the Hero and Quests:
    • You could hire different heroes, each one with different stats, race and clases, the leveled up and could be send in quests to gather materiales needed to improve the players tavern.
  • Implementation and design of the GUI.

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