Waltz of Auri

Project Type: Web game
Made: October 2017
Role: Game design and narrative.
Tools used: Unity 2017 and sublime text 2.

Play: https://mizardry.itch.io/waltz-of-auri

Game developed in 72h at the Talentum Game Jam event organized by Telefonica, by a 4 people team. The theme was the 4 cardinal points “North, East, South, and West”.

In “Waltz of Auri” you play as Auri, one of the Astrologers of an ancient order that makes gifts to all the civilizations in a planet every thousand years. Draw power from the constellations to make a gift to a city.

Game winner of the Telefonica Talentum Gamejam 2017.

My tasks in the game included:


  • Written all the narrative and helped to define the link-stars mechanic


  • Implemented the narrative in the game.

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