Tower Legends

Project type: Mobile Game
Made: July – August 2016
Role: Production, Programmer, Game designer.
Tools used: Unity 5, Visual studio, and google docs.

Tower legends was a small project that we’ve used to practice how to work as a team. The player could play as a steampunk fencing warrior that climbed the tower to find a strange source of power at its top. It was a roguelike game where you have to beat all the enemies on the floor to keep going up the tower. Between levels, you can upgrade your life or your damage, and there were plans to add more another progression system to improve your character everytime you get defeated.

For this game I worked on the next areas:


  • Documentation of the gameplay systems.
  • Gamefeel of the combat and mobile controls.
  • Progression of the upgrading system.
  • Monetization systems.


  • Implementation of the UI.
  • Programmed the movement and gamefeel of the combat system.


  • Co-organize with Demium the application of SCRUM methodology to the team.
  • Organize each sprint to help the team reach the goal.

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