Magic Alone

Project type: Gamejam at the AllStartup Games Event

Made: November 2015

Role: Game Design, Programmer

Time spent on this project: 48 hours

Tools used: Unity 5.

Game developed in 48h at the first AllStartup Games Event, held by Demium Games at Madrid, we were a team of 4 people, and the theme of the Jam was “Useless power”.


In Magic Alone, you take the role of a Genie, a Djinn, a creature with amazing powers that can’t use for himself and it’s trapped in a magical lamp. As a genie, you’re doomed to grant three wishes to the visitor that founds you, but… you still have the chance to twist what wishes the people, althought if you kill too many people, maybe no one will come to seek your lamp, and you need people in order to achieve your main goal: to be free.

The game was barely finished, the scope was too big for the experience we had at that moment, but we learnt a lot about making a narrative and storytelling with simple choices.

These are the things i’ve designed and made on this project:

  • Written the narrative and dialogues.
  • Implemented the scene management and dialogue choices.
  • Developed the Interface and implemented animations.

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