Beerocalypse: “the last one, and i go back home”

Project type: UPM’s GameJam

Made: May 2015

Role: 2D artist, Game Design, Level design, HUD

Time spent on this project: 48 hours

Tools used: Unity 5, Photoshop.



Proyect developed in 48h at the UPM’s GameJam, by a 4 people team. The theme was “Beer”.

BeerOcalypse it’s a sidescroll Beat’em up, inspired in the classical arcade games from the 80s. In the game, you play as Blas, a drunk man who suddenly discovers that there is only one beer left in the whole world.

Then he decides to search that beer and fight for it. In the game, Blas can absorb alcohol from the blood of it’s enemies, and the more alcohol he has, the more skills he unlock, but be aware!! controlling Blas when he’s really drunk can be really hard!

So get your favourite t-shirt, get out and go get that last beer 😀


Pantallazo2 Pantallazo1

These are the things i’ve designed and made:

  • Design and implementation of all the GUI.
  • Design of the drunk and combat systems.
  • Art for all the props, level, skills, menus, instructions and enemies.
  • Design of the only level.
  • Blas voice.



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